Watch for These 3 Warning Signs When Hiring New Car Wash Employees



Running a car wash is hard work, and you need people working for you who will get the job done well and without complaint. A lot of applicants will be walking in off the street and may not have the background or dedication that you’d ideally want for your employees. While training can fill some gaps, it’s best to start out with someone who fits into the industry culture and understands what’s necessary. Here are some warning signs that may indicate that your potential hire isn’t cut out for car wash work:

  • The prospective employee doesn’t want to get their hands dirty. As reminds us, work at a carwash is hard and physical. While you’re cleaning cars, the back end of the job is messy. It’s hours of being on your feet, sometimes in very hot or very cold conditions, and there’s a lot of trash disposal involved. Fussy workers need not apply.

  • They know nothing about cars. A recent article details what can happen if employees who’ll be getting up close and personal with customers’ cars don’t know anything about the vehicles they’re working with: an employee without a driving license gets in the car to move it and totals the customer’s Lexus. While this isn’t going to happen every day, it’s important to make sure that your employees are comfortable working with cars. While it may not be necessary for everyone at a carwash to have a license to do their job, you don’t want to have to worry about what happens when you aren’t watching.

  • Your would-be employee is looking to pass the time. While not everyone who works at a car wash is in it for life, it’s important to find employees who will take the job seriously an aren’t just trying to get some quick cash. explains that the car wash industry gets a bad rap as a place that won’t get you anywhere, but in reality, there are opportunities for advancement. You don’t want too much turnover, because training new people takes valuable resources away from your business. You also don’t want someone who will only do the minimum amount of work required. Take the time to find people who have some interest in the task at hand.

Following these tips should help to streamline the hiring process; half the battle is knowing who you don’t want on your team. While not everyone recognises it, standards are important in every industry, and you are working with people’s prized possessions.

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