Your Car Wash Needs New Equipment: Here’s Why…



So you invested in starting a car wash business, and after some years, the age is starting to show on your car wash equipment.

You’re thinking of taking the plunge on new equipment, but want to make sure you’re doing the right thing before investing in the new purchase.

Here are some of the benefits to bringing the latest equipment to your business:

Improved Reliability

The older your equipment is (and the longer you have used it) the more you will begin to notice all the little design flaws and things that negatively impact your business. When your equipment has reached the point of no longer being as reliable and efficient as it once was, it’s time to think about upgrading.

New equipment will be able to handle more cars and require repairs far less frequently.

Better Cleaning Ability

Each year, the technology in car wash equipment not only changes but also improves – making your business more efficient and saving your customers time.

Depending on the kind of cleaning you are looking for – touchless or soft touch friction wash – technology has significantly improved since your current equipment was made.

You should also factor in the level of cleaning you are seeking. While touchless car wash technology sounds impressive, you may have found your cars don’t get quite as clean as you’d like. For customers who wash their car infrequently, they are likely to appreciate the improved cleaning power of a soft touch car wash.

Faster Drying Capability

While some car wash owners feel drying capability isn’t important – others have experienced many complaints from customers related to drying issues.

Any customer knows that the last thing you want to see on your car after paying for a car wash is streaking due to the car wash’s lack of drying abilities. While it’s impossible to achieve one hundred percent drying with any equipment, the latest models and technology will allow you to provide better drying agents.

Less Water and Chemical Usage

The first thing you will likely notice about old equipment is how much water it wastes and the high level of chemicals it requires to clean a single car.

The savings you will experience in the long run with new more efficient equipment will add up in spades, so it’s worth investing in something that will not only be significantly more environmentally friendly – but will considerably reduce your water bill and chemical cleaner expenses each month.

While purchasing new equipment will seem expensive in the short term – keep in mind just how much you will have saved over the course of a year.

Ready to Invest in Modern Car Wash Equipment?

In order for your car wash to achieve maximum success, you need to invest in the right car wash equipment. At MacNeil Wash Systems, we have assisted new and existing car wash business owners choose the right car wash equipment.

If you’re ready to upgrade your car wash system, feel free to contact us to receive a no-obligation quote or for further information about MacNeil Car Wash Equipment .

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