Your In-Bay Automatic Wheel Washer

Differentiate your in-bay automatic operation from the competition by offering the very best in-bay automatic wheel washer in the industry! Your customers will rave about how clean their wheels and rims are, and they will keep coming back!

  • Pulsating action reaches deep into the wheels to scrubs tires and rims clean to provide the best in-bay automatic wheel washer available
  • Brush tips are fast, easy and economical to replace
  • Available with patented-style foam brush material or nylon stepped brush design
  • Rugged construction ensures maximum product life and lower maintenance costs for your in-bay automatic wheel washer
  • Easy add-on to new or existing in-bay sites


  • Maintenance-free Pro-Coat finish
  • Stainless-steel hardware
  • Electric drive
  • Individually controlled side pressure
  • One-year manufacturer warranty


Electric Motor:

  • IP-65 electric motor
  • 3 phase – 208/230/460 VAC 60HZ
  • 159 RPM


  • 1/4" (6.35mm) cyl. lines
  • 0.5 CFM (0.014mˆ3/min)
  • Supply 50psi (3.4 bar)

Control Voltage:

  • 24 VAC Control Voltage Signal or 110 VAC Control Voltage Signal