Available with up to a five year, 600,000 vehicle, pro-rated warranty, the EVO-XR construction features a 1” thick belt, 1/8” to 3/16” thick stainless steel deck plate, and 5/16” hinge pins. The hot-dip galvanized structure provides 15-20 years of life in a wet, corrosive environment and installs easily with no welding.

Add MacNeil’s RS-550 Super Sonic Wheel & Body Washer to gently clean wheels, rims and rocker panels up to 30” high.

Improved Customer Experience:

  • Easy, low stress loading
  • Customer proof – can brake or turn wheels with no effect on operation
  • Nothing touches the wheels or tires – eliminating real, or perceived, damage
  • Extremely smooth ride – no lurching or bumping

Increased Revenue Potential:

  • Higher average wash ticket prices – customers willing to pay more for a better experience
  • Higher customer demand & loyalty – higher annual wash volumes
  • Can accept all vehicle types including dual wheeled trucks, low profile sports cars
  • Greater throughput efficiency – up to 20% according to Mr. Wash study

Future Proofing against AED (Automatic Emergency Braking) Systems

  • By 2022, 20 vehicle manufacturers, making up 99% of the North American auto market, will have implemented AEB
  • Belt conveyors do not rely on rotating tires therefore the vehicle can be placed in park

Fewer Damage Claims:

  • Less chance of jumping the rails due to driver error
  • Rims and tires are not touched

Lower Maintenance & Reduced Operating Costs:

  • More predictable
  • Wear is easily measured
  • Less frequent service
  • Fewer moving parts
  • Non-corrosive materials
  • Easier to eliminate loading attendants

Standard Features:

  • Chevron shaped joint plates allow for smooth tire transition and uniform wear
  • Heavy duty stainless steel  SD: 1/8” thick, HD: 3/16” thick
  • Patent pending TorqFlow™ drive coupler designed for easy servicing
  • Belt material has significantly more wearable plastic under the hinge pin than competitors
  • Patented ExTrac ™ System allows dirt and contaminants to pass through the wear plates onto drip trays
  • FlowSpeed™ pulse sensor for conveyor speed placed on drive shaft

Available Options:

  • Patent pending FlowRinse™ 4 stage rinsing system works in conjunction with the ExTrac™ system and can be used with either fresh or reclaim water
  • FlowLube™ automatic lubrication system for the drive and idler shaft bearings lets you “set & forget” for 12 months
  • DirtBlaster™ fire hose, nozzle, and reel kit for belt & pit cleaning
  • FireClamps™ service tools for separating and joining belts


  • Car pushers spaced at 18″ (457.2mm)
  • HD sprocket (480 teeth), SD sprocket (920 teeth)
  • Vehicle ground clearance required: 2.5″ (63.5mm)
  • Electrical Power Required: 460V – 3 Phase
  • Drive: single center mounted or dual outboard mounted gearboxes, size varies based on length of conveyor
  • Pit Width: 118″ (2997mm) (30″ and 36″ belts)
  • Pit Depth: ranges from 24″ – 34″ (609.6mm – 863.6mm)

Configuration Options

  • Standard Duty – 3/4″ belt, 1/8″ wear plate (conveyors 0-100′)
  • Heavy Duty – 1″ belt, 3/16″ wear plate (conveyors 100′ plus)
  • Extreme Duty – 1-3/16″ belt, 1/4″ wear plate (for heavier vehicles)