The MacNeil Flash Dry Process places a car wash dryer arch directly after the spot-free rinse applicator. By stripping water immediately from the vehicle’s surface as it is being applied, a virtual drip space is created. The results? A car wash dryer that is able to produce a dryer, shinier car using less critical tunnel space. The Flash Dry Process is available in either a Standard or High-Throughput configuration for faster tunnel speeds.

  • Standard package includes one 15HP Tech 21 producer
  • High-Throughput package consists of three 15HP Tech 21 producers
  • Saves up to 15′ of valuable tunnel space
  • 15HP Tech 21 producers are all TEFC equipped (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled)
  • Can be ordered with energy-saving PowerLocks
  • Pro-Build Arch is easy to install with maintenance-free MacNeil Pro-Coat finish
  • Engineered for safety and performance and less noise with an aerodynamic shape and molded, stainless steel reinforced housing


  • Welded, dynamically balanced steel fans
  • High volume of airflow with speeds up to 170 mph
  • Maintenance-free Pro-Coat finish is available in a variety of Colors that Clean
  • One-year manufacturer warranty


Electric Fan Motors:

  • 15HP 208/230/460V 60Hz – 3 phase
  • 15HP 575V 60Hz – 3 phase
  • 15HP 415V 50Hz – 3 phase
  • 15HP 380V 50Hz – 3 phase

Electric Nozzle Motor:

  • 110V 60Hz – 50 Watts

15HP Producer Capacity:

  • 170 MPH Air Speed (274KM/H)
  • 4400 CFM Airflow (125CM/M)

Flash Dry Process for Spot Free Finish | MacNeil Wash Systems

Flash Dry Process for Spot Free Finish | MacNeil Wash Systems