You get through and accurate chemical coverage using MacNeil’s Chemical Tire Applicators, whether it’s our standard or foaming model. Designed specifically for tough-to-clean tires, these chemical tire applicators focus the chemicals exactly where you need them using easily adjustable fluid nozzles, eliminating costly overspray and overlap.

  • Safe for all chemical applications
  • Flexible mounting configuration
  • Reduces manual prep costs
  • Completely covers all sizes of tires and wheels
  • Foaming process improves chemical effectiveness and reduces the costs associated with your chemical tire applicator by providing precise application and extended dwell time for superior cleaning results


  • Quick connect ball valve fittings
  • Adjustable 65 degree—1.0 GPM spray nozzles
  • PVC pipe and fittings
  • Available with blue or black covers
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Foaming model stands 20-7/16″ high


Chemical Supply:

  • 4 GPM (15.14 LPM)

Air Pressure:

  • 30–60 PSI (4 BAR)

Connection Lines:

  • Water line: 3/8”
  • Connection at equipment: 3/8”
  • Air Line: 3/8”