Regardless of your current car wash business, MacNeil has something for you. Whether you’re looking to add an in-bay express to help increase throughput or you’re a well-established full-service car wash operation wanting to upgrade to the best car wash equipment available, there’s something to help you increase the quality of your wash and help boost profits.
MacNeil car wash equipment can even help reduce costs and labor while giving you the flexibility to add other profit drivers like wheel and tire cleaning at your leisure. MacNeil guarantees to have the most reliable and durable car wash equipment while making the process a simple one.

Express Wash Tunnels

MacNeil  consistently outperforms the competition across the board, whether it’s upgrading  current car wash equipment or building from scratch. There’s a reason MacNeil has the reputation it does, providing you, and your customers, with superior results every time.

In-Bay Express Mini Tunnel

Retrofitting your current underperforming car wash equipment with the In-Bay Express Mini Tunnel is only 35 feet away. Not to mention that it can help you increase your throughput by three times.

ExpressLane Drive-Through

An easy, smart decision for everyone from automotive dealers to fleet and rental agencies, the MacNeil ExpressLane Drive-Through car wash equipment makes it incredibly simple to improve your car wash center.