Mind Your Marketing

Car wash marketing and online presence

Mega marketing mistakes that might stunt your growth, and how to fix them Successful marketing can dance a fine line between drab and fabulous. It’s tempting to stick with tactics you once found tried and true, but with today’s savvy customers, marketing is moving at a faster pace, with more options to reach your customer…

Curb Appeal: How to Make Your Car Wash Exterior Shine

WOW Carwash

Marketing your car wash starts in the street. A customers decision to visit a car wash typically occurs as they are passing to pull in or driving by. A vibrant car wash exterior with brightly lit entrances, colorful signage and captivating features like LED lighting and foam help to create a positive customer experience, but…

Qualities of a Successful Car Wash Owner

successful car wash

Do you have what it takes to bring a car wash business to life? Responsibility, personality, leadership, communication. These are some of the traits of a successful car wash owner. Here’s a few things to consider when embarking on car wash ownership for the first time. Skills, skills, skills When first starting out,  you may…

Summer loving─ Get the most out of your automatic car wash


Summer. After the mad rush for the car wash rinses away the last traces of spring dirt, the hot summer months can sometimes cool down profits. Your automatic car wash faces a lot of competition. Customers often urn to leisurely washing their own cars in the comfort of their own driveways or hitting one of the many…

Repeat Customers ─ 3 Ways to Keep Them Coming Back


With a car wash on practically every block, your car wash needs to differentiate itself by creating a positive, memorable experience to create a following of satisfied, loyal customers. Check out three simple ways to help generate repeat customers.  Make your tunnel car wash the go-to choice. Know your customer You are the face and voice of your…

Why Bugs Are Your Car Wash’s Best Friend


There are hundreds of thousands of bugs out there. And sometimes, it seems like they’re all stuck to your customers’ cars’ windshields. For car wash owners, bugs are your business’ best friend. When the insects begin smashing into windows, your customers come to your car wash to clean them off. Read on to learn what car…