Shiny Tires to Help Generate up to $5,000 Extra Every Month

Don't get rubbed the wrong way with another tire shiner. Gloss Boss takes a superior approach to messy, wasteful and costly formula rub-on tire shiners. Its patented precision formula application system produces the shiniest tires with the lowest waste.

Lower formula cost and elimination of the need for labor means you end up with more money in your pocket. An easy revenue-generating add-on to your in-bay automatic or tunnel system, the automatic tire-shining Gloss Boss gets into all those hard-to-reach areas that other online applicators miss.

  • Now Available with hydraulic drive using your existing hydraulic power packs 
  • Uses gentle pressure to provide complete tire coverage with minimal wheel contact
  • Patented formula distribution system reduces waste and application cost
  • High-density, dynamic soft-tipped nylon brush adapts to all tire sizes and never oversaturates
  • Consistently rich and thorough application every time
  • Rugged design provides years of uninterrupted service
  • Lower maintenance costs utilizing stainless steel bearings 
  • Gentle and durable, with a brush-life of 75,000 + cars
  • The ideal tire shiner for both tunnel and in-bay automatic car washes


  • Heavy duty frame
  • Maintenance-free 3M Pro-Coat finish
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Electric or hydraulic drive 
  • Split-end, ultra-soft, feather-tip brush
  • Individually controlled side pressure
  • One-year manufacturer warranty


Electric Motor:

  • IP-65 electric motor
  • 3 phase – 208/230/460 VAC 60HZ
  • Bursh operates at 75 RPM
  • 0.75 KW magnetic motor starter


  • 1/4" (6.35mm) cyl. lines
  • 0.5 CFM (0.014mˆ3/min)
  • Supply 50psi (3.4 bar)

Hydraulic Option:

  • 2 GPM ( 7.5 LPM)
  • 800-900psi ( 55-62 BAR)

Control Voltage:

  • 24 VAC Control Voltage Signal or 110 VAC Control Signal on request