Don’t Even Think About Choosing a Car Wash Location… Yet



People love to say “location, location, location.” But repeating the same 3 words isn’t that insightful. So let’s take a closer look at how to find the perfect car wash location.

This can make or break your business. So let’s give it more than 3 words of thought.

The Best Car Wash Location is High Traffic… Right?

Too many businesses fail assuming this is the case. Not just car washes. Businesses in every sector have failed because the owners bought into expensive, high traffic area. Even though they couldn’t really afford it. This happens to countless restaurant owners too.

You can get far more value from a less expensive lot, if you do a bit of research and discover it’s underserved, with no car washes in the area.

“Estimate your trade area, the distance customers are willing to travel to your shop, which is usually a radius of several miles. This will vary greatly by the product, the number of competitors in the area, and the market,” wrote Robb Mandelbaum of

“Local ‘economic gardening’ offices, such as development organizations and Small Business Development Centers, can often assist with more sophisticated analysis.”

Having a sky-high recurring cost like massive rent payments can sink any business.

Don’t Make The Decision Alone

You’re probably not an expert. Particularly if this is your first time choosing a car wash location. So don’t be afraid to hire a professional. You should definitely bring a lawyer into the mix.

“Your attorney can help you look at things like the term of the lease, buildout allowance and the condition of the property,” wrote Karen A Spaeder of

So never assume the price is the price, and just start signing checks.

Consider the Neighbors. Not Just the Neighborhood

Take a look around. It’s OK if there is another car wash in the area. Chances are they picked this neighborhood for the same reason you’re considering it.

But of you’re moving into an area with a car wash that has already invested a lot of money in billboard advertising, you may be facing an uphill battle.  Competition is fine. But competition with an existing stranglehold on the area is different.

Make Sure There is Room To Grow

Yes, of course you need room for your car wash equipment. But always ensure there is room to expand. You don’t want to be handcuffed by a lot this is perfect for right now, but will be too small down the road.

Not sure how much room you will need? We can help discuss what equipment will suit your car wash location.

With more than 30 years experience, we know what your car wash needs to be profitable. Learn more about our car wash systems or contact us for more information.

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