The PowerLock is a lightweight, money-saving air valve that reduces energy use by preventing airflow between vehicles and minimizing peak load charges. It reduces noise levels, and when equipped with automatic-sensing technology, it can either delay or eliminate drying for pick-up beds or soft-top convertibles. The PowerLock air valve car wash power saver puts more money back in your pocket while creating a quieter and safer environment in your tunnel.

  • By restricting airflow between vehicles, the fans can continue to operate while decreasing dryer motor horsepower by more than 50 percent—truly a car wash power saver
  • The PowerLock air valve can save up to 30 percent on both peak billing charges and on overall electricity use from your car wash dryers
  • Reduces harmful noise frequencies by 3-5dB when engaged, creating safer environment conditions
  • Engages to eliminate airflow when drying an open-bed pickup truck, stopping dirty water and debris from being blown out of the bed onto the next vehicle or into the bay or dryer nozzle
  • Programmable to shut down for soft-top convertibles
  • Ideal for both new sites and updating equipment, with quick and easy installation for minimal downtime


  • Can be fitted to any MacNeil Tech 21 dryer, or most other manufacturer’s car wash dryers using the retrofit adapter
  • All-aluminum construction
  • Stainless steel and UHMW glide surfaces
  • Incorporates noise reduction materials
  • One-year manufacturer warranty



Filtered air source required

  • ¼” cyl. air line
  • Air pressure required = 40 PSI 0.5 CFM

Control Voltage

  • 24 VAC control voltage
  • 110 VAC available upon special request


  • Minimum 12” clearance required at fan inlet


PowerLock Air Valve for Car Wash Tunnels | MacNeil Wash Systems

PowerLock Air Valve for Car Wash Tunnels | MacNeil Wash Systems