When customers are about to exit your car wash there are a few thoughts going through their heads, one of the most common is “Did the car wash dryer really get my car dry or am I going to have to deal with a bunch of water spots?” That’s why you have to enlist the help of car wash dryers that can handle anything that is thrown at them. Meet MacNeil’s line of car wash dryers:


Tech 21 Advanced Drying System

The Tech 21 Drying System gives you total control over your drying process. Package it with the optional SMART nozzle to give you even more control, allowing you to target those hard-to-dry areas like side mirrors and vehicle backs. The Tech 21 is available in 20, 30 or 40 HP package systems, or can be customized as a Pro-Build system to suit your specific needs.
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PowerLock Air Valve

The PowerLock is a lightweight, money-saving air valve that reduces energy consumption by preventing airflow between vehicles and minimizing peak load charges. It significantly reduces noise levels, and when equipped with automatic sensing technology, it can either delay or eliminate drying for pickup beds or soft-top convertibles. The PowerLock puts more money back in your pocket while creating a quieter and safer environment in your tunnel.
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Flash Dry Process

The MacNeil Flash Dry Process places a dryer arch directly after the spot-free rinse applicator. By stripping water immediately from the vehicle's surface as it is being applied, a virtual drip space is created. The results? A dryer, shinier car using less critical tunnel space. Available in either a Standard or High-Throughput configuration for faster tunnel speeds.
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Air Knife Drying System

The NCS Air Knife Drying System was designed to enhance the drying performance of the vehicle sides to reduce the time each vehicle spends in your drying chamber. You can customize the dyer with either a 10hp or a 15hp producer depending on your site needs.
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The MacNeil EVOSHINE buffing brush was designed with innovative controls to help you enhance your customer experience while reducing headaches like damage claims and additional labor. Using advanced technology to accurately sense and contour the vehicle, this premium shine and buffing brush glides over the front, top, and back of the vehicle leaving a dry and perfectly buffed finish that your customers will love.
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