When you want your vehicle cleaned thoroughly and cleaned well, there really is no other way to go than with a high-pressure car wash. There’s more to it than simply having high-pressure equipment though, as not all high-pressure car wash equipment is created equally. Enter the MacNeil line of high-pressure car wash equipment.


Magnum Side Blasters

Requiring minimal space while providing exceptional cleaning performance, the Magnum Side Blasters add a new level of power to any high-pressure tunnel car wash. Offered in a two sizes, they offer complete side blasting in both low and high areas.
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Bumper Blaster

Dirt and grime buildup over time and can be stubborn, especially on the bumpers of vehicles. Not to worry, the Bumper Blaster can handle it. Engineered to tackle this trouble spot, it’s the perfect addition to any high-pressure car wash system.
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Magnum High Pressure Arch

This leading piece of high-pressure car wash equipment can reach the entire surface of the vehicle with the latest cleaning and rinsing fluids. Its fan jet or turbo nozzles blast the spray exactly where you want it for powerful cleaning and rinsing at higher line speeds.
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Magnum Pumping Stations: Original Series

Running quietly and smoothly with almost no vibration, the Magnum Pumping Station creates less wear and tear on your system. From 8 to 35 GPM, it offers superior quality high pressure for all of your system needs.
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Magnum Pumping Stations: Direct Drive Series

The best in high pressure equipment system supply now comes with direct drive operation. Requiring less maintenance and designed to process both fresh and filtered reclaim water, these stations are available in a variety of models to suit your specific needs, delivering between 8 and 20 GPM.
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Magnum Series Prep Spray Gun

Prepping vehicles has never been as easy as it is with the Magnum Series Prep Spray Gun from MacNeil. Designed to minimize fatigue, it provides 1000 PSI high pressure spray at 8GPM while loosening tough, caked-on dirt and grime with ease and features a programmable on/off timer.
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