Operating a car wash at a high level means that you’re expected to provide customers with the highest-quality and most consistent wash out there. To achieve that, you need to have the right system. Luckily, MacNeil has a number of car wash water and chemical applicators to help you reach that level of service.



The AquaFoamer car wash chemical applicator creates a cascade of foam to impress your customers while delivering an even, uniform application of chemical to every vehicle shape and size.
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VersaTrans Arch

Give your customers a brilliant show with the VersaTrans Arch car wash chemical applicator. Customize to brand your business with optional signage packages, and create an unforgettable show with the LED, colored light package. Designed and built to MacNeil's standard of excellence.
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Versa Arches

Our Versa Arch Series car wash chemical applicators offer you the precise, thorough and efficient chemical application that you need to keep costs low while producing clean, sparkling and dry vehicles. Versa Arches are customizable to meet the demands of each application, whether presoak, rinse, clear coat or drying agent.
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Non-Foaming Manifolds

MacNeil’s Non-Foaming car wash water applicator manifolds can be used for a variety of applications, from water-only rinses to waxes and chemical preps.
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Chemical Tire Applicator

You get thorough and accurate chemical coverage using MacNeil’s Chemical Tire Applicators, whether it's our standard or foaming model. Designed specifically for tough-to-clean tires, these car wash chemical applicators focus chemicals exactly where you need them using easily adjustable chemical nozzles that eliminate costly overspray and overlap.
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Foam and Tube Streamers

From single- to triple-head streamers and foamers, MacNeil offers a complete line of foam application equipment for any tunnel car wash. These attractive car wash chemical applicators can dispense up to three different products, providing even and complete coverage.
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Foaming Manifolds

MacNeil’s foaming manifolds attach easily to any arch without increasing tunnel space. These versatile manifolds can be used as a presoak, or to apply chemicals such as waxes, bug prep or brush lubricant.
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RW-112 Rain Arch Rinse Manifold

The RW-112 Rain Arch Rinse Manifold provides a final water rinse to the vehicle by creating a rain shower effect. The water is not forced through the nozzles and falls as gentle water droplets with no misting. It’s practical and creates a very pleasant experience for the customer.
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Mr. Foamer Banana Foamers

Mr. Foamer's patent-pending Twist n' Kleen foam generators integrate seamlessly with all MacNeil car wash equipment.
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