When you take a look behind the curtain and realize all that goes into a car wash system, it doesn’t take long to realize how important it is to have a car wash control system that can handle every aspect of it. Not only that, but you need something that is designed for easy operation and is composed of high-quality parts to keep your system operating for a long time.


MCC Tunnel Controller

The MCC Tunnel Control Center provides accurate wash control for every aspect of your system, from the application of formulas to the precise timing of each wash component. Incorporating the newest technology, MacNeil’s simple and user-friendly MCC has all the features and benefits required to maximize the performance of your system.
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PBS-4000 Tunnel Entrance Controller

MacNeil's PBS-4000 Tunnel Entrance Controller combines the latest technology with proven car wash experience to provide a flexible, reliable, and accessible car wash contoller solution.
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Washify is an all-in-one point-of-sale system that uses leading technology to integrate the point-of-sale with marketing systems for a total management solution. Keep track of car wash statistics, look up financials, interface with your accounting software and more. From email marketing to an app for the customer, the system incorporates everything you need to run a successful car wash.
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