The MCC Tunnel Control Center provides accurate car wash control for every aspect of your system, from the application of formulas to the precise timing of each wash component. Incorporating the newest technology, MacNeil’s simple and user-friendly MCC car wash control has all the features and benefits required to maximize the performance of your system.

  • Built to UL/CSA specifications for safety and security
  • Monitors your site from anywhere through remote access
  • Tracks diagnostics such as formula levels and usage, and water and air temperatures
  • The car wash control alert system emails you to warn of potential or current tunnel conditions
  • Available in multiple input and output configurations for site customization
  • Simplifies installation with reduced wiring and MCC/MTC Combo panel
  • Every panel is custom built to fit your needs
  • Full technical support is only a phone call away, at no extra charge
  • Compatible with other manufacturer’s equipment


  • Web-enabled, user-friendly interface for configuring your car wash control
  • Preventive maintenance and reporting features
  • Remote access for programming, reporting, management and troubleshooting
  • Easy-to-use, large 12” color LCD touch screen display
  • Can be programmed while system is running


MCC 40:

  • Outputs: 40
  • Inputs: 20

MCC 60:

  • Outputs: 60
  • Inputs: 30

MCC 80:

  • Outputs: 80
  • Inputs: 40