As a c-store owner, you know the value you can add for your customers—and the profit potential you can add to your business—with a high-quality car wash. As the car wash experts, MacNeil knows that what you need is durable conveyor car wash equipment.

C-store customers consider conveyor car washes to be superior to rollover options—and conveyor washes come with great payoffs for your business, including:

  • Driving more traffic to your c-store
  • Providing a value-added service that enhances your customers’ satisfaction
  • Increasing the number of return customers to your c-store

MacNeil’s high-quality, rock-solid equipment provides excellent wash consistency with low maintenance and operating costs. Plus, the gentle and safe cleaning power of MacNeil’s Envirosoft Foam produces a clean, mirror-like finish your customers will notice—and come back for.

If you’re looking for excellent wash consistency and high throughput from a durable, low-maintenance car wash equipment, you can’t go wrong with a conveyor car wash from MacNeil.

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