NEW WRAP PAK – Triples cleaning power in less space

By combining the exceptional cleaning ability of MacNeil’s RS-701 SuperFlex Wraps with rocker and high side van brushes, you get six brush points of contact in only 19’ of tunnel. The Wrap Pak ensures superior cleaning at conveyor speeds of 140 cars per hour. It’s fast, quiet, and safe!

  • RS-701 Wraps provide a 6” overlap and double pass on the rear of vehicles, preventing ‘skunk stripe’
  • RS-400 low side rockers brushes efficiently cleans the lower vehicle sides
  • RS-301 high side washer reaches taller vehicles
  • Triples the cleaning power while increasing line speeds
  • Produces excellent wash consistency with safe and gentle air-controlled side pressure
  • Reaches into corner panels and underneath the mirrors
  • Installs easily into new or existing sites with the simple Quad Pak Adapter Base


  • RS-400 rocker brushes are available in 22″, 30″, or 45″ heights
  • All brushes are available with hydraulic or electric drive
  • Maintenance free, corrosion resistant 3M Pro-Coat
  • Direct-drive motors
  • Stainless-steel bearings and hardware


Electric Motor:

  • IP-66 Electric Motor
  • 55 kW Magnetic Motor Starter
  • 3-phase – 208/230/460 VAC
  • Brushes operate at 100 RPM


  • 4.5 GPM (17 LPM)
  • 800–900 PSI (55–62 BAR)


  • ¼” (6.35mm) line
  • 0.05 CFM (0.014CUM/MIN)
  • Supply Pressure 50-100 PSI or 4-6.80 BAR

Control Voltage:

  • 24 VAC Control Signal
  • 110 VAC available on request


  • ¾” supply line
  • 40 PSI (3 BAR) min. pressure
  • 1.6–4.8 GPM (6.05–18.2 LPM)/brush