Humor us while we show off!

MacNeil Wash Systems prides itself on being the best in the industry; check out our photos and see how, and why, we maintain this reputation. From pictures of our customer’s car wash sites, to equipment, to our educational classes and seminars, we’ve got pictures that will showcase what MacNeil Wash Systems is all about.


Car Wash Systems

Years of engineering excellence have ensured that MacNeil Wash Systems are champions in the car wash industry. They are the quietest, fastest, most reliable, and safest systems around, and they look pretty good, too! Click "See Photos" to check out some pictures of our top-of-the-line systems!
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College of Clean

National Carwash Solutions has worked hard to develop hands-on educational workshops, seminars and classes to ensure that our customers are on the path to great success! Check out these shots of our customers learning the in's and out's of the car wash industry, and experiencing interactive, customized training in equipment operation, maintenance, management & more!
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Customer Sites

We've had a lot of customers use our equipment to establish highly reputable, impressive, and fun businesses around the world! Click the button below to see what our customers have been up to, and how awesome these systems look in action!
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To complement our high standards of engineering and performance, CleanTouch cleaning solutions have been lab-tested tirelessly to ensure that they not only work to rid vehicles of tough dirt and grime, but they are also friendly to the ecosystem, and to our customers wallets!
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Each piece of equipment that MacNeil manufactures works seamlessly together to deliver a level of cleanliness that is unmatched by competitors! From brushes, to wheel-cleaning components, to dryers, and more! Check out some pictures of our most popular equipment by clicking the button below!
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Trade Shows

We are proud of our wash systems, and we like to showcase that pride at various trade shows and events around the world! It is at these events that we get to connect with existing and future customers and demonstrate our progress and our achievements. Check out some pictures from memorable car wash events by clicking the "See Photos" button!
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