Mind Your Marketing

Car wash marketing and online presence

Mega marketing mistakes that might stunt your growth, and how to fix them

Successful marketing can dance a fine line between drab and fabulous. It’s tempting to stick with tactics you once found tried and true, but with today’s savvy customers, marketing is moving at a faster pace, with more options to reach your customer than ever before. Here’s a few tips to go from tired to terrific.


The challenge: You’re still old-school

The problem: Ditch the dated mailers. They’re expensive, and it’s a big investment in the hope that you’ll get one or two bites.

The alternative: Get online! In today’s tech-savvy world, an online presence is a critical part of a marketing strategy, no matter what the size of the company. An online presence builds credibility, and creates an easy avenue for perspective customers to get to know you. Make sure customers can find you on Google so that when they are searching for a local business, yours is on the list.

The challenge: You’re not social

The problem: You still count on building new relationships with customers that walk through your door. It puts the power in the hands of your customer. If they don’t come, you’ll never have the opportunity.

The alternative: Get talking with social media. It allows you to update customers on the latest happenings and promotions with little to no investment and no turn-around time. Install a great new car wash feature? Having a slow day so you’re offering $2.00 off? Social media lets them know quickly and instantly.

The challenge: There’s no added value

The problem: You feel that because you’ve provided a good service at a fair price, you’ve done your job.

The alternative: Offer an incentive. Customers love to have a reason to return, whether it’s to take advantage of a 20% off coupon or to collect enough stamps for a free car wash or set of wiper blades.  

The challenge: Your people lack personality

The problem: Your staff don’t engage customers during the sale. They offer little to no engagement, and interactions are cold and utilitarian.

The alternative: Pique the personality. Connect with customers to create and maintain relationships. Getting to know customers over time is a great advantage. Understand their likes and dislikes. Ask them what they enjoyed about their experience, and how you can help improve it for next time. Greet repeat customers by name.  

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