Must Haves for a Great Car Wash Design


Designing a brand new car wash is a big investment. Check out some of the must-haves on our list. It will have you cranking up the car counts in no time.

Hire an architect

An architect with experience in the car wash industry will save you time and money. A car wash is a different animal. It requires a building that can accommodate a lot of different components.  An experienced industry architect will know all the little nuances that go into building a car wash that looks good but also functions well.

Do you have the look?

Whether it’s modern, traditional or a bit of both, the visual impact of a car wash is important when you’re up against the local competition. The concrete block style car wash of days gone by isn’t good enough anymore. A nice car wash facility with great service at a good price is key. Some things to consider when designing your car wash: What finish will you use for the walls and floors? What does the ceiling look like? Do you need cabinetry? What does it look like? How about the aesthetic in the lobby?

How will your car wash operate?

What happens when a customer pulls up? Will they have to pre-pay inside? Will there be an attendant at the car wash door? Will the system be automated? Plan the flow of your customer experience from start to finish to ensure it makes sense before moving forward.

Don’t forget the mechanical

It’s not just about how the facility looks, it’s about how it operates. There’s plenty of options when it comes to your mechanical systems. Do you prefer electric or gas? Will the tunnel floor be heated? Will the vacuums use compressed air? Where will the mechanical room be located?

Equip yourself

What equipment to you plan to integrate? How long is the tunnel? Do you want a point-of-sale system?  Partner with a good equipment manufacturer, and a great architect who knows the car wash business, and don’t forget the service plan. When you rely on experts that know their product best, you can direct your focus to where it really matters, growing your business.

Ready to plan a car wash build? We’ve got the equipment to create a high-function, state-of-the-art wash system that will last years to come.