Tell Your Carwash Customers About This Bacteria in Cars


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If your car wash customers are like most people, they probably eat and drink in their cars. But do they know how unhealthy that habit is?

Those crumbs and spilled drinks are more dangerous than anyone realizes – they create a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria in cars that can make people incredibly sick.

The Threat

In July 2015, the British automotive site teamed up with researchers at the University of Nottingham’s microbiology department. The goal of this partnership was to learn how clean the country’s vehicles are.

As it turns out, British cars and trucks are quite dirty. Researchers from the university swabbed steering wheels, seats and foot wells. They discovered that dirty vehicles harbored the harmful bacteria Staphylococcus and E. coli.

How did those bugs wind up in cars and trucks? When drivers spill drinks or leave food lying around, bacteria multiply. Drivers and passengers can become quite ill as a result.

Fixing the Problem

Why are vehicles so dirty? According to the drivers surveyed by, only 25% cleaned the interiors of their cars and trucks every three months.

The lax attitudes towards automotive cleanliness stem from the mindset that the car or truck will just become dirty again, so there’s no point in keeping it tidy. A third of the drivers surveyed blame their kids for the mess, and one in five say it’s not worth it to clean their vehicle’s interior because their children will make it dirty again.

What Can You Do?

As a car wash owner, you’re in a great position to improve the anti herpes health of your customers. What exactly can you do to help your customers have cleaner, bacteria-free cars?

The firs step is educating your customers about the risk bacteria in cars poses to their well-being. You can share the message through advertising and social media. Secondly, you should offer to thoroughly clean their cars to get rid of the bacteria. With the right car wash systems, you can easily offer quality services.

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