Chemical Attraction: How to Choose the Right Chemical Supplier


There’s a lot to consider when choosing a chemical supplier. A supplier that offers you products that produce a clean, dry car are nice, but these are not the only criteria that should be addressed. Here are a few things to consider when searching for a chemical supplier. Professional Advice and Consultation Knowledge is key,…

5 Terrific Tips to Boost Sales at Your Car Wash


Whether you’re perking up your pricing or going promo happy, these tried-and-true methods will attract customers and boost sales for your car wash today. Launch a promotion Frequent promotions can bring in regular customers. A car wash membership, for example, is a huge draw. It guarantees that customers will return to your location, and also…

What is your Car Wash Chemical IQ?


In order to deliver clean, shiny, dry cars every time, car wash operators need to utilize top of the line equipment, have acceptable water quality and manage their car wash cleaning solutions properly. When it comes to car wash cleaning solutions, it is imperative that chemicals are handled safely and used properly to ensure the…

Cold Weather Carwash Care – Hot Tips

Cold Weather Tips for Carwashes

As old man winter creeps in, car owners start to think about taking precautions to protect their cars from the colder elements. Slush, snow salt and deicers wreak havoc, and it’s best to remove all traces before they can damage a cars delicate finish.  Carwash owners should prepare for the onslaught of customers sure to roll…

Lock It Down: Car Wash Security

car wash security

Car Wash Security should be a part of any  carwash business but it’s often overlooked by carwash owners. You’ve invested the time and money into owning a successful business.  Protecting it is like repairing a faulty system.  Purchasing new equipment is integral. The right security will help protect your facility, your equipment and your people. Here’s some tips to…