How to Reduce Fall Slow-Down at Your Car Wash


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Is your car wash ready for the annual autumn downturn? If so, you can stop reading this now. Did you answer “no?” Then you’re in luck. We’ve collected a variety of tips to help your car wash survive the slow-down that happens every fall.

Market Your Car Wash Through Social Media

Does your business have a Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account? You should if you don’t already.

Why do you need a business profile on social networking sites? These websites are a valuable tool to reach your customers. There are over one billion active Facebook users. If you’re not connecting with them on social media, you’re missing out.

Traditional Advertising

Don’t forget about more traditional ways of marketing. People still read flyers and posters. Put them up in other local businesses where you know your clients go.

Traditional advertising doesn’t have to be boring. You can put a creative twist on it. For example, you drive around with a dirt splattered car with a sign on it that says, “I should have visited the car wash.”

Work Together

Let’s go back to the idea of local businesses for a moment. These companies can be your advertising allies.

Here’s an example: You know your customers eat quite frequently at Joe’s Pizzeria. It would make sense for you and Joe to pool your advertising dollars. Whenever Joe’s customers order their favorite pie, include a coupon for your car wash. And whenever they bring in their cars and trucks to be washed, give them a 15% off deal for their next order at Joe’s.

 Have Contests

People love winning free things. Your customers are no exception. Contests are a great way to boost business.

There’s no limit to the kinds of contests you can run. You can hold a contest on social media – who can come up with the best caption for this picture? Or, it can be a random drawing – a customer’s comment could win them a prize.

Want to Increase Your Car Wash Sales?

If you want to fall slow down at your car wash, you should invest in quality car wash systems. That is where we at Macneil Wash come in handy. We offer high quality, affordable car wash equipment as well as profit boosting add-ons that will increase your revenue regardless of the season.

Contact us today for more information about our car wash equipment.


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