Car Wash Marketing: How to Leverage Google+ and Drive More Customers (Part 2)


google plusOnce you have established your Google+ business profile, moving forward and having a solid marketing plan is your next big step to improve your car wash business. Creating a sales funnel and using a call to action to help drive your sales is key to the success of your car wash business.

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a representation of the process from when you first meet a customer to when the final sale is completed shown through different stages. Each stage represents the customers willingness to complete a sale. Removing any customer doubt and progressing to the next stage of a sales funnel is key to completing the sale. The different stages of the sales funnel include:

  • Leads
    Leads are potential customers that you have not spoken to, who may be interested in your services. Using Google+ to reach out to prospects can help lead them to the next stage of the sales funnel.
  • Prospects
    Prospects are people that have shown interest in your services. They have read information regarding what your business offers and are eager to hear more.
  • Confirmation
    This stage is extremely important and can make or break your sale. In this stage, verify that the customer wants and needs your product and that you have shown the customer the value and quality of your service. Convincing the customer that your service has the best value and service will lead you to the next stage.
  • Committing
    When the customer has listened to your sales proposal and the service you are offering and has agreed to purchase your service or goods, you are now in the “commitment” stage. All that remains after this stage is:
  • Transaction
    This is the goal you have been working towards. Once the customer pays for your service and has received that service, this stage is complete.

Once you have successfully used the sales funnel and the customer has received the services rendered, taking that customer back down the sales funnel path can be easier. You may find that you won’t have to work as hard to convince the customer to purchase your services and they may even refer friends or family to your car wash business.

Using Calls to Action

A call to action is an instruction to your target audience used to push them to act and contact your business regarding the services or goods you are offering. Call to actions are commonly found on advertisements and the CTA (call to action) would be “Call Now for More Information!” or “Visit us Today for more Information!”

The key to a successful CTA is an eye-catching design. You want potential customers to be interested in the ad. Following that up with a clear description of what services you are offering and the value of the services is important. Then you will offer contact information, such as a link to your website, your business address or phone number.  Using CTA’s will help bring in more customers and, if done properly, can improve your sales potential quickly.