Car Wash Marketing: How to Leverage Google+ and Establish Your Brand (Part 1)


google places for car wash businessGoogle+ offers many advantages to help you market your car wash business. Many people across the United States use Google, so taking advantage of that will give you a great chance to spread the word about your business to people who otherwise wouldn’t have known about its existence. Thanks to the internet, setting up and implementing a solid marketing campaign is easier than ever, and is cheaper (in some cases, free) than other methods of marketing.

What is Google+?

Google+ is a social media platform, similar to Facebook and other social media sites. Google+ allows you to network with people easily, and can be a great marketing tool.

What Does Google+ Offer?

There are various platforms Google+ offers that can help your business attract new customers:

  • Google+ Business
    Google+ Business allows you to create a profile for your business and allows you to share information about your business, videos and services.
  • Google+ Places
    This service allows your car wash business to be displayed on Google Maps and search results. This will allow customers to find important information about your business, such as its location, contact information and your business description.
  • Google+ Local
    Google+ Local combines both Google+ Business and Places. Google+ Local allows you to connect socially with your customers and create a community where you can share contact information, updates, photos, and comments.

How to Use Google+ Effectively

Once you have your Google+ profile created for your business, the key to successfully marketing your company is to reach out to your customers and create a community where you can share information such as upcoming sales, product listings or specials. Keeping your profile active and interacting with your customers are great ways to keep your current customer base and attract new customers.

A great way to connect to your customers through Google+ is to collect email addresses from them when they visit your business or to hand out cards with your Google+ account information. Offering special discounts or giveaways for customers that you are connected with through Google+ is a great way to keep your community active and will help attract new customers. By utilizing all the tools Google+ has to offer, you can greatly increase your customer base more quickly and effectively than other means of marketing.

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