Make Sure Your Car Wash Employees Do This Every Day


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Can you name the one thing your car wash employees should be doing on a daily basis?

Here’s a hint: it involves one of your most important assets. And while you might think that your most important asset is the equipment that enables you to run a car wash, you’d be mistaken. Your most important asset is your customers. If you and your employees don’t treat them as such, you’ll find yourself out of business.

How Can You Show Your Customers You Care?

Unless you show your customers, on a daily basis, that you value them and their business, they won’t know it. As a result, they’ll turn to your competitors.

So, how do you let your customers know you appreciate them? We can sum it up in two words: customer service.

Providing Excellent Customer Service

Top notch customer service isn’t something that happens once. That’s why employees and business owners have to practice doing it every single day.

What does excellent customer service look like? It has a number of components. Fantastic customer service starts before the customer even pulls into your car wash. “How is that possible?” you ask. Here’s a question for you: is your car wash clean and well-lit? Are you stocked with all of the supplies you need? Does your equipment work properly? Those things are all part of customer service. If drivers arrive and you can’t wash their vehicles because you don’t have enough fluids or the tunnel wash isn’t working, you can’t satisfy their needs.

There’s also the more obvious part of customer service: interacting with customers. You and your employees should be friendly, courteous and respectful. Make eye contact. Smile at customers. Ask them how you can help them. These little touches go a long way.

Another component of customer service is soliciting feedback and following up on it. Ask your customers what they would change about your car wash. Implement the advice you consider reasonable. This shows you care about what your customers want.

Want to Offer Superior Services? Invest in Quality Car Wash Equipment

Are you considering opening a car wash, or have you just opened one? Contact MacNeil Car Wash Systems today at 1-800-361-7797. If you want to offer your customers a superior car wash, we can supply you with the highest quality car wash equipment on the market. For the past 30 years, MacNeil’s equipment has been satisfying customers at tunnel car washes, automotive dealerships, fleet and rental markets.


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