Swedish Carwash Chain Celebrates 15th Anniversary


mjuk-090702-3271mjuk-090702-3249Mjuk Biltvatt, one of Sweden’s leading carwash chains, celebrated their 15th anniversary with the opening of their fourth wash site in Gothenburg, Sweden.  All of Mjuk Biltvatt’s 150’ express exterior tunnels are fully equipped with MacNeil’s latest cleaning technology.  Henrik Kronlid, CEO of Mjuk Biltvatt, chose to use MacNeil equipment exclusively because, “MacNeil equipment is safe, reliable, and produces an excellent wash quality, which our customers demand.  It also enables us to meet Sweden’s strict environmental laws.” Kronlid continued, “Every car wash in Sweden must go through a detailed inspection and meet very stringent conditions in order to be certified environmentally friendly.  The efficiency and eco-friendliness of the MacNeil equipment allows us to meet these conditions.” Mjuk Biltvatt translates to “Soft Car Wash” in English.

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