Better engineering = Better cleaning


At MacNeil Wash Systems, we have long believed in the power of good engineering. Over the last 30 years, we’ve invested heavily in the R&D which leads to innovative, yet practical solutions that conveyor carwash operators crave. We’ve never rushed anything out the door of our engineering department, preferring instead to take our time crafting the next innovative, profitable piece of equipment for the conveyor operator.

We’ve also remained committed to making sure these state-of-the-art machines will not just be overachievers in terms of throughput and cleaning quality, but that they also maximize the operator’s overall investment. Our equipment is built better, so it lasts longer. It’s designed to achieve the highest possible uptime, while also minimizing operational costs and maintenance/repair expenses. Your return on a piece of MacNeil equipment is the best in the industry.

At the Car Wash Show we debuted six new products to our best-in-class equipment lines. These pieces had two goals in mind: One, help the carwash operator make more money. Two, reduce maintenance and operational headaches for the operator.

Presenting, our latest and greatest equipment for the carwash industry:

  • XR1000 Conveyor
    XR1000 Conveyor
    XR1000 Conveyor

The industry-leading XR1000 conveyor gets the remodel you’ve been asking for: low profile guide rails, a 14” wide deck to accommodate today’s wider tires, a heavy-duty 1/2″ steel top deck, dual call-up cylinders, and a revolutionary take-up design that requires no greasing or regular maintenance. It’s the simple, reliable, conveyor you’ve always wanted.

  • Magnum Wheel Blaster with Following
    Magnum 3-Nozzle Wheel Blaster with Following Feature
    Magnum 3-Nozzle Wheel Blaster with Following Feature


The revolutionary 3-nozzle Magnum Wheel Blaster with Following Feature adds more surface contact time and improved cleaning capabilities; part of MacNeil’s popular Magnum high pressure series.

  • Magnum Arch

The High Pressure Magnum Arch is a trendsetting innovation that is capable of reaching the entire vehicle surface, including top and sides, with the latest cleaning and rinsing solution.

Magnum High Pressure arch
Magnum High Pressure archsolution.
  • Versa Max Arch with BodyBright

The impressive Versa Max Arch adds substance and super cleaning ability with the new BodyBright foaming manifold. Your customers will love this!

  • Quad Pak Combo Wrap

The post-mounted RS-400 Combo Wrap features more cleaning efficiency in a smaller, compact space, saving critical, and expensive, tunnel real estate.

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