Self Service Car Wash vs. Automatic Car Wash-Which is Better?


automatic carwash equipmentIf you own a car, choosing the right method of cleaning it can be challenging.

Fundamentally, the two choices are either self-service or automatic car wash. Although both systems will accomplish the job of cleaning the car, the way either of the system cleans the car is what matters. As an entrepreneur, you need the car wash system that guarantees efficiency and effectiveness. Here is an overview of how the two systems work.

Self Service Car Wash System

The self-service car wash system allows the owner to clean the car on their own time. They’re not necessarily following the schedule and procedures you find in an automatic car wash. The car owner can also manage the resources required to clean the car since he or she decides the parts to give more attention. With this method, the owner can save some money as compared to when he or she chooses to take it to an automatic system.

For small businesses, self-service car wash systems offers more convenience especially if the business owns few cars.

Purchasing equipment required in self-service car wash systems is easy. You can always find it an affordable price.

Although you will save some money, self-service could damage your car’s paint or interior. Especially if the person cleaning it does not possess the necessary skills required to clean a car properly.

Car washing requires good understanding of the ratio of water to detergent. So if the car owner does not know the required amounts of each, he or she may damage the car.

The Automatic Car Wash System

The automatic car wash system follows a procedure and a schedule, as every automated system comes with a pre-set system.

Big businesses that require frequent car washes would benefit a lot from an automatic car wash system because it saves time.

If the business owns a large fleet such as trucks, using the automatic car wash system remains the only viable solution. Most of such big businesses install the system in their garages or alternatively contract a car wash company.

Buying the automatic car wash equipment in bulk reduces the overall cost. Therefore, if you own a large business, you will save more in the long run by purchasing a larger machine.

The automatic car wash system minimizes chances of scratching and damage to the finish of the car.

Automatic car wash systems ensure that the car remains smooth as new. The system applies the right amount of pressure on the body of the car. The system also allows for recycling of the water used therefore saving on resources.

Remember, whichever method you choose, you will find the necessary equipment from MACNEIL Manufacturers.

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