What is a Magnum Wheel Blaster?


Magnum Wheel Blaster

A happy customer is one that promotes your business every time they’re asked how they keep their vehicle in such good condition.

Customer satisfaction is therefore always a priority.

But How Does a Magnum Wheel Blaster Create These Customers?

Basically, it blasts your wheels clean, removing all manner of dirt in seconds. It uses fresh or reclaimed water and applies it under pressure to remove:

• Dirt
• Grime
• Ice
• Brake dust

Some car wash equipment can be bulky and also difficult to assemble in an already established business. However, this isn’t the case with the Magnum Wheel Blaster as it is quick and easy to install and only requires a small amount of space.

It is therefore ideal for those who wish to provide a better service, and also for those just starting out.

There are two varieties to choose from, the WB-300 and the WB-600. Once installed they can easily be adjusted by hand if required at any point.

Precision designed means that the no-leak ball can easily be moved. This means you achieve pin point accurate positioning to deal with any dirt problem that has accumulated.

Advanced engineering and construction means maximum cleaning, with minimal use of water. This saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint at the same time.

We all try to do our bit for the environment. But this is also a good selling point to your customer. Particularly those customers with a fleet of vehicles that require regular cleaning. Also, application under high pressure uses less in volume, this will help to reduce your own utility bills.

This intense cleaning kills all manner of dirt and grime, no matter how ingrained it appears to be. It’s removed efficiently and in a most cost effective manner.

The Mac Neil’s Wash Pro Cylinders also allow for a longer product life whilst also enhancing performance. However, it is still reassuring to know that the Magnum Wheel Blaster has a manufacturers warranty of one year. In the unlikely event of any problems, these can be addressed quickly and easily.

As a supply line of 3/4″ is available up to 50 feet and over 50 feet if the supply line is 1″ the equipment is versatile for most available spaces.

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