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MacNeil XR1000 Conveyor Chain Maintenance
How to know when when your conveyor chain needs shortened, and how to do it.

MacNeil Wheel Boss Shaft Maintenance and Repair
Learn how to maintain and repair Wheel Boss shafts, and how to align and install the foam buns properly.

MacNeil How To Clock a Motor
In this segment of MacNeil Tech, Nick Lopez describes how to clock (rotate) an electric motor.

MacNeil XR1000 Conveyor Roller Up
View how to replace a cylinder in the roller-up mechanism on the MacNeil XR1000 conveyor.

MacNeil Low & High Side Washer Hub and Core Change
Learn how easy it is to remove and replace the foam hub and cores on MacNeil’s RS-301 High Side Washer and RS-400 Low Side Washer.

MacNeil RS-701 SuperFlex Wrap-Around Motor Replacement
In this episode, replacing the brush motor in the MacNeil RS-701 SuperFlex Wraps is demonstrated.

MacNeil RS-701 SuperFlex Wrap-Around Leveling
In this episode, Scott Ferre demonstrates how to adjust the RS-701 SuperFlex post in order to ensure that the arm naturally falls away from the center line of the tunnel.

MacNeil RS 701 SuperFlex Wrap Around Air Panel Operation
Learn about the various components that make up the RS-701 SuperFlex Wrap-Around air panel and how they function together to control the brush.

MacNeil’s MCC – Integrated Motor Control Center
Nick Lopez explains the features and functions in MacNeil’s all-in-one Motor Control Center, with integrated tunnel controller, partnered with Kesseltronics.


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