How To REALLY Get in Your Car Wash Customers’ Heads


tunnel car wash

Like any business, your tunnel car wash can be more successful if you can get into your customers’ heads.

To help you accomplish this goal, we are going to discuss a few basic psychology principles and how you can use them to generate more sales.

Understand that the psychology of branding works both ways

All people have the competitive spirit within them — it just manifests itself in different ways. One trait that all people share, for example, is the desire to stand above what they consider the opposition.

This “opposition” doesn’t have to be an actual opponent, or even someone the customer dislikes. Instead, it just an idea that opposes what they stand for. This is why many deodorant companies, for example, emphasize how much more “manly” their products make a person. You can leverage the customer labels that you created to make this happen.

Understand that customers are different

Buffer Social infographic  discusses how neuroeconomic experts identify “human spending patterns as (literally) a process of ‘spending till it hurts.'”

This clearly signals that everyone has a point at which they simply cannot spend anymore. This causes people to fall into three distinct spending categories: typical buyers, frugal buyers and cheap buyers.

You can sell the same products to all three categories, but you must adjust your approach to make your offers attractive to all of them. Cheap buyers, for example, are more easily sold to when you don’t throw big numbers at them, so break down the cost of bundle offers ($12 each for a wash, wax and vacuum instead of $36 total).

Frugal buyers, on the other hand, won’t part with their money until you Clearly show the value of each dollar they are spending, so make sure that you emphasize how much each car wash service is worth.

Do you understand your car wash customers?

Understanding how your customers think will ultimately lead to more sales. However, without the right car wash equipment, understanding your customers will do little to increase your sales. Therefore, if you want to make it in the car wash industry, you must invest in modern car wash equipment, as well as engaging your customers and understanding their specific needs.

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