Turning New Customers Into Repeat Customers For The Car Wash Industry



Running a car wash can be a lucrative endeavor, but to make the most of your business you need repeat customers. New customers are great, but there will be times when your influx of new customers decreases due to things like industry trends and the economy. These are the times when your bottom line will rely heavily on car wash repeat customers, those loyal patrons who come back time after time to take advantage of your services. So how do you get and keep these patrons? Keep reading for some creative ways to turn new customers into lifelong supporters of your business.

Implement a Stamp Card Program

Although it’s not a new idea, stamp cards are a time-tested way to cultivate repeat customers. Design a card that has ten or so spots to be stamped or hole-punched. Each time a customer visits your car wash, he gets his card stamped. Once all the spots have been stamped, the customer receives a free car wash. It may seem too simple to work, but people love the chance to earn something for free.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Another fun way to encourage repeat business is to incorporate social media into your efforts. Similar to the stamp card method, people have the opportunity to earn a free car wash. Instead of getting a stamp on her card for each car wash purchased, though, the customer will get credit for each time she “checks in” to your business, “likes” or shares a post of yours on Facebook, etc.

Say Thank You with a Coupon

Who doesn’t love a coupon? Get your customers on track to becoming car wash repeat customers from the beginning and it will be easier to continue building that relationship. The way to do this is by sending each first-time customer a thank-you card that includes a coupon for a certain dollar amount off their next car wash. While this method can be done through email, a handwritten card will show that you care enough about your customers to take the time to write a letter.

Start an Email Campaign

Emails are an efficient way to market your business; they are also great for keeping in touch with customers and reminding them you are still around. The important thing to remember about email campaigns, though, is to keep your messages useful to the audience and avoid spamming people. Offer customers something of value in each email.

Celebrate Customers’ Birthdays

Say “happy birthday” to your customers with a free car wash. Your customers will appreciate that you recognized their birthdays and will have a reason to step foot in your car wash again.

Whichever method you choose, ask yourself if it’s something you would go back to a business for. Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes can offer a whole new perspective that you may not have considered before. Get creative and show your appreciation with something of value, and you’re sure to gain car wash repeat customers.


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