How is Your Car Wash Ad Copy? 5 Awesome Tips to Improve Your Car Wash Ads


car wash marketingSpreading the word about your car wash business is an important when trying to increase your sales. While there are many methods that can help you accomplish this goal, using an ad copy is a great way to market your car wash business. An ad copy is a text, picture or a combination of both, advertisement designed to catch the attention and hold the interest of potential customers. Having an effective car wash ad copy will dramatically help your marketing campaign and increase your sales. Here are 5 tips to help improve your car wash ads.

1. Attention Grabber

Being unexpected and creative with your car wash ad copy is a great way to hold a reader’s attention and make them interested in your business. Try to think of an inventive approach when creating your ad. Instead of having an ad that just has your business name and a picture of your business, why not create an ad with a short text describing your business and choose a picture that really stands out.

2. Think Outside Box

Do not be afraid to use humorous text in your ad copy. Keeping the tone light but sticking to the point will keep the reader relaxed and will convince them to read further.

3. Connect with your Audience

People love deals, so using your ad copy to advertise any sales or promotions will be a great way to connect with your target audience and bring in more customers. Using your ad copy to advertise certain services is a great way to not only attract new customers but also keep the existing ones.

4. Be Different

Your competitors will have their own ad copies, so using an ad that really stands out will give your car wash business a competitive edge. Using your ad copy to advertise a certain service your competitor doesn’t have, a cheaper price or better quality service backed up by customer testimonials are great ways to stand out from the crowd.

5. Stick to the Point

Being creative with your ad copy is important when standing out, but remember not to stray from the main point. Keep the ad copy interesting, fun but to the point. Add a call to action to your ad copy so that your customers can contact you. Inform the customers of what your business offers, what type of services you offer and why your business is better than all the others.

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