5 Facts Your Customers Didn’t Know About The Importance of Getting a Car Wash


Importance of Getting a Car WashHaving a vehicle cleaned at a professional car wash does much more than merely rinse off grime and debris from the vehicle’s exterior. It’s quick, environmentally friendly and a whole lot better for the vehicle’s exterior. Let’s take an in-depth look at these hidden benefits.

1. A Car Wash Improves Your Fuel Economy

A clean vehicle results in less wind resistance. Reduced wind resistance results in improved fuel economy. While some have argued in the past that driving a dirty car actually boosts aerodynamics, MythBusters proved them wrong on an episode of the popular TV show. When cars are dirty, there is no rhyme or reason to the placement of the dirt. This creates more drag as the air particles grab onto the grime. MythBusters calculated that a filthy car can reduce fuel economy by 10 percent.

2. A Car Wash Preserves Your Vehicle’s Metal

During the winter, salt is put on the roads to improve tire traction. This salt immediately goes to war with your vehicle’s metal. There’s just about nothing more corrosive than salt. A regular car wish will eliminate the salt so that unprotected metal parts don’t rust. It’ll also slow down the damage on existing rust. Keep in mind that you might not even notice that your vehicle is rusting because the corrosion could be occurring on the undercarriage of the car that you can’t see. This is where most of the salt kicks up from the tires onto the vehicle. Regular car washes won’t always reach this tough to reach area, as such, be sure to get a tunnel wash that cleans the undercarriage of your vehicle.

3. Professional Car Washes Preserve The Environment

When one washes his car at home, the contaminated water is released directly into the environment. It flows into storm drains that were installed for rainwater. Consider all of the chemicals that one uses when cleaning his car at home. Those shouldn’t be redirected into storm drains as this contaminated water pollutes our lakes, rivers and streams.

4. Conserves Water And Time

Numerous engineering studies have proven how wasteful home car washes are. A 5/8 inch hose operating at 50 pounds per square inch uses 10 gallons of water in a minute. One can easily use 150 gallons of water to wash his vehicle at home. A professional touchless or brushless car wash uses only around 35 gallons for a full wash and rinse. It also gets the job done much quicker.  A thorough DIY (do it yourself) car wash at home can take upwards of an hour.  When washed at a real car wash, the job can take as little as two minutes.

5. Protects Your Vehicle’s Paint

Those who wash their vehicles by hand create small scratches in the paint.  These are produced because of the tiny particles of dirt, silt and sand that are trapped within the sponge and brush.  Alternatively, brushless car washes utilize a harmless high pressure water spray.


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