Coupons, Cross Marketing and the Internet- 5 Tips to Get Your Car Wash Business Booming


car-wash-businessAnyone who owns a car wash is always looking for new ways to attract new customers. Those who are creative reap the most rewards. It’s all about reaching the masses in unique ways that create an indelible imprint on their memories. Let’s take a look at a few ways to get your car wash business booming.

Cross Marketing

It is prudent to partner with another local business. Each stands to gain customers and improve sales as a result of a collaborative marketing effort. Approach local businesses like restaurants or auto care facilities to see if they are willing to partner on a cross marketing effort. For example, you could offer customers a car wash coupon on the top of pizza boxes at a local pizzeria. It could even be a coupon with ads for both of the businesses, side by side. You can also cross market with a car dealership in your vicinity to provide a free car wash to customers who purchase new or used vehicles. You’ll be able to tap into customers who’ll need your service on a regular basis.


Offer coupons and other promotions straight to the public. If you include a buy one get one free ad in your local paper, you’ll likely have an influx of visitors. When they return to use their free car wash coupon, your staff should up-sell them on additional money making services.

Take Advantage of The Web

Establish a website for your car wash business. If you can’t do it yourself, hire a professional to help you. Plenty of people search for local car washes online. Optimize your car wash’s website to attract relevant traffic. When locals type words into online search engines that relate to your car wash, your business should appear at the top of the search results.

Social Media

Embrace social media. Consider each social media user to be a professional reviewer of your car wash. Their blogs, tweets and posts about your car wash will go a long way in determining whether their friends and families frequent your car wash. If you cross market, social media will really compound the campaign’s effectiveness as your car wash and your partner business will be able to tap into a much larger customer base.

A Prepaid Car Wash Program

If you haven’t yet instituted a prepaid car wash program, you should do so immediately. It will boost short-term revenue and help to establish long-term customers who constantly return for business. Offer your prepaid program to customers whenever they arrive for a car wash. Prepaid car wash punch cards and coupon books also make great Christmas gifts so be sure to push the program around the holidays.


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