Thieves Steal Change From Carwash With Vacuum

Thieves used a vacuum to suck change from a machine
Thieves used a vacuum to suck change from a machine

Here’s a great example of why you should have security cameras at your automatic carwash. Earlier this week it was reported that two men attempted to suck a carwash dry by using a vacuum to get coins out of a machine.

A police officer saw two men acting suspiciously at an automatic carwash. They quickly fled once they realized police had spotted them. After the office pursued and caught up to them, he found a vacuum and believe the men hooked the vacuum up to the coin dispensing machines at the car wash and tried to suck money out.

The officer also saw that they attempted to change their vehicle’s license plate number by using black electrical tape to turn a D into a B.

Todd Herburg, 53, and Scott Luker, 55, were arrested for investigation of burglary.

Following the arrest, Cottonwood Heights Police Sgt. Gary Young said, “These guys hooked up a pretty powerful shop vacuum to the power inverter,”

“It’s a new one for us – I haven’t heard about it. I’m not sure if they’ve done this before. Have they been getting away with this for a while? Or is it a first-time attempt? I’m not sure.”

People are still debating the risk versus the reward for the crime. Would the men get enough money to justify getting arrested and facing the same penalties as more traditional burglary?

This much is clear: anyone would hate to have their carwash cleaned out by a vacuum.

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