Why You May Be Running Your Car Wash the Wrong Way


car washOwning a car wash may seem like an easy job: Buy it, open it and watch the cash flow in. In reality, car washes are just like any other business. They require planning, attention and dedication to run properly and ensure you have a steady cash flow. Here are some common mistakes car wash owners make.

1. Owning a Car Isn’t a Hands-on Business

You may think that owning a car wash is as easy as sitting in your chair, occasionally ordering supplies and letting the cash rake in. In fact, owning a car was involves a lot of work. You will want to check your car wash system often to make sure there are no leaks. Staying vigilant and on top of everything will keep your car wash running smoothly and your customers happy.

2. You Won’t Have to Hire New Employees

This tidbit may be true in some cases: perhaps you own a self-service car wash. However, for all other car washes, hiring additional employees is mandatory especially if your customers are increasing. Once you hire the employees, you will have to train them on how to use your car wash system.

3. Car Washes Allow you to Sit Back and Make Money

Car washes do have the potential to make a lot of money, but understanding that your car wash won’t be busy every day for a whole year is important. Bad weather can lead to disappointing car wash sales, as can the winter months in cold locations. Pay attention to your local weather and plan ahead for dips in your car wash sales.

4. Car Wash Systems Don’t Need Monthly Maintenance

Even if you have a maintenance package, you will want to check your car wash system often for any leaks or any other potential issues that could cause your car wash to shut down. Keep an eye on the chemicals as well, because if you are low, you’ll want to order replacements as soon as possible.

5. Just Having a Car Wash Will Attract Customers

Just opening a car wash won’t attract a lot of people. A few people may spot it when they drive by, but relying on them stopping is risky. Make sure you have a solid marketing plan in place.

If you would like to open or upgrade your car wash business, contact MacNeil wash for assistance. We have a range of car wash systems to choose from. If you’re not sure of the system that will work for you, we’re more than willing to help you out. Contact us today for more information.

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