Lock It Down: Car Wash Security

car wash security

Car Wash Security should be a part of any  carwash business but it’s often overlooked by carwash owners. You’ve invested the time and money into owning a successful business.  Protecting it is like repairing a faulty system.  Purchasing new equipment is integral. The right security will help protect your facility, your equipment and your people.

Here’s some tips to help protect your investment.

Prevent It

Street-light-using-LUXEON-LEDs-lightsInstalling video security and alarm systems can be an effective deterrent. Thieves and vandals generally target areas where they can commit their crime and make a quick escapeOutdoor. Well-placed, visible video cameras and signs that the area is being monitored will often prompt them to move on.

If you’re not a 24 hour operation, consider barrier gates and locks to prevent entrance to the property.  Don’t forget to light it up! A well-lit facility is highly visible to passersby, a huge negative to those trying to remain out of sight. A bright environment will also help capture any incidents on a video surveillance system.



Invest In It

There’s so much available these days.  New technology apps such as iPhones and android products can be used in conjunction with security systems. This allows carwash owners to view live feeds of their facility from their phones, set or turn off alarm and camera systems from anywhere.  You can also play back recorded videos. High-definition systems also output detailed videos.  Many systems now offer the option of licence plate recognition or facial recognition capabilities.

Use It

You’ve made the investment, now don’t forget to use it! A car wash security system is no good to you if you leave it disengaged. Remember to set alarms and ensure cameras are working. Check your locks.  Make sure all lights are in good working condition. Train your closing staff to make sure all security systems have been engaged. Have your systems regularly serviced for optimal performance. A neglected light or broken camera is all the lure a would-be criminal needs.  Make sure your facility isn’t the next target.

Don’t Forget Your Car Wash Equipment

Your car wash equipment is what will keep your clients coming back and telling friends.  This is where MacNeil Wash Systems can help.

We know what your car wash needs to be profitable. Learn more about our car wash equipment or contact us for more information.


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