Do Car Washes Really Save Water?


Car washes save waterCar washes save water. Particularly if they’re run properly.

Water conservation has been a topic of interest for years. Despite attempts to educate society on how to save water, this precious commodity continues to be wasted.

From running water for washing dishes, to hosing down a car, it’s very easy to waste water.

Saving water should be a community effort across the country. What it boils down to is paying attention to what you’re doing so you can find alternative means in which to conserve.

When it comes to washing a car, studies reveal that automated car washes are much more effective in conserving water.

In fact, automatic car washes use almost 10 times less water per wash than car owners who wash their cars at home.

Home Car Wash vs. Professional Systems

Aside from saving water, there are many advantages of using a professional car wash system, as opposed to washing your car at home.

When you wash your car in your driveway, you expose your yard and surrounding area to soap chemicals in the water. Wash water is dumped in the yard or down storm drains which lead to lakes and rivers in the area.

Consider the number of people washing their own cars. This contaminated water could present a hazard to the environment over time. Home car washes also result in excessive wasted water in the course of washing and rinsing cars. It’s estimated that consumers use as much as 140 gallons of water in one simple wash.

Today’s professional facilities minimize their water usage, while controlling the quality of their water. Modern car washes pose little threat of wasting water, consuming under 0.2% of their municipality’s water supply.

Many professional car washes save water by recycling their water so it can be cleaned, stored and used again another day.

Recycling is an extremely effective method of conserving water. It also reduces waste and eliminates contamination entering drinking water supplies.

Green car washes contribute to society by conserving water and helping the environment. Their recycling efforts can also save them anywhere between 50-60% on their water and drainage bills.

The Benefits of “Thinking Green”

Although most people may prefer to wash their own car, using a professional car wash is more “green.”

Professional facilities can also do a better job of cleaning your car. These facilities use sophisticated equipment to apply just the right amount of pressure to get the job done right. When you opt for a professional car wash facility, you receive a safe, high-quality wash that will bring out the beauty of your car.

You’re doing your part to contribute toward conserving one of our most precious commodities.

Having your car washed regularly by a local company, saves a lot of time and hassle, and also helps conserve a significant amount of water.