Taking a Look at Preventing Car Washes from Freezing


preventing car washes from freezingRegardless of the current condition of the economy, a car wash must be able to operate year round. Preventing car washes from freezing keeps their doors open.

A carwash business is no different than any other. It takes money to make money, so for the owner to be able to pay for operational costs, a car wash must be bringing in profits.

There are many different issues that can affect how a car wash operates. Many of these issues are bound to occur, but many of them are not. Although they are not as common, seasonal issues can be troublesome for car wash owners. One of the biggest issues involves freezing of the equipment.

If the equipment freezes, then it can cause a huge loss of profits. Fortunately, preventing car washes from freezing is not as hard as it might seem, but it can certainly be costly.

In many cold areas, car wash equipment freezes often. When equipment freezes, a car wash shuts down. Temporary shutdowns can cause significant profit losses.

There are some popular ways to prevent equipment from freezing. Every system comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages. Car wash owners need to understand that there is no magic solution.

Prevent Freezing with Floor Heating

Many car washes have floor heating. The purpose of this system is self-explanatory. This system helps to make bay operations safer. Unfortunately, floor heating also comes with a long list of expenses. It requires electricity to heat water. It also uses electricity to store and circulate heated water.

The water must also circulate to the proper sewage pipes. Despite the additional expenses that it requires, floor heating can prevent equipment from freezing. It also improves safety during freezing conditions.

Bay Doors

Another weapon against freezing weather is a bay door. The purpose of purchasing and using bay doors is to preserve a certain temperature in the car wash.

When combined with other tools, bay doors can ensure temperatures in the car wash stay above freezing. It is not uncommon for a car wash to be equipped with a blow down system, which is used in conjunction with bay doors. The biggest expense for this protection is the bay doors.

However, this protection is not applicable in every situation. In some cases, the bay is too small to have doors installed. Or the bay might not have enough room for the doors.

Protection with a Weep System

This form of protection is appropriately named, and it can prevent a car wash from freezing. It weeps water from tips, wands and hoses. By releasing a small amount of water, a weep system protects all of the bay components.

To make sure water does not freeze, it must be constantly flowing at a certain rate. The weep system will run until the car wash runs, and after the customer finishes, the weep system will reactivate.

Before installing this system, the owner must consider the cost of fresh water electricity. In the United States, the cost of fresh water has risen dramatically, so a weep system might not be the solution for many car wash owners.

The newest system that prevents freezing is called an antifreeze system. It’s smart protection that uses software programming and computers, which watches the entire car wash.

These are some of the top methods used for preventing car washes from freezing. Every individual car wash owner must decide what solution will work best for their situation.

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