Car Wash Recycles 90% of Its Water


car wash equipmentWe’re always excited to talk about leaders in the car wash equipment and car wash systems sector doing more to be environmentally responsible.

The Hays Free Press recently reported that a Central Texas car wash is doing exciting things and recycling as much as 90% of their water.

Jeffrey Blansit is president and chief executive officer of the new Water Works Auto Spa location in Kyle, Texas. He says his car wash recycles anywhere from 85 to 90 percent of their water.

“All the water that comes in drops through the bottom [of the facility] into a 10,000-gallon storage tank system,” said Blansit.

“All the particles fall to bottom – the water filtration continues all the way through four tanks.”

He added, “It takes generally three gallons of city water to make one gallon of Spot Free water… Those two gallons of ‘reject’ water – it’s perfectly good water – we store it in a big tank.”

This is even more important, when you consider that Central Texas remains in a drought, despite recent rains.

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