Car Wash Offers Homeless a Second Chance


car wash manufacturersWe love reporting feel-good stories from the world of car wash manufacturers and automatic car washes. And this one certainly qualifies. recently reported about an Alabama-based car wash that is giving people a second chance. Heavenly Grace Ministries Homeless Carwash provides people in the Sheffield area with clean cars, while giving their employees a clean slate.

“I saw there were many people that did not have any work; it was hard for them to get work,” said Cassandra Weakley, who opened Heavenly Grace Ministries

“I saw them walking the streets and I noticed some didn’t have places to stay. We opened up the car wash to offer some income.”

In the 5 years that it has been operating, the car wash has been a springboard for a number of people to turn their lives around, while earning money and picking up new skills.

“It is not something that is lucrative payment, but it is enough to get you through the day,” added Weakley.

“I wanted to teach people not only how to work, but how to serve.”

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