Is Your Car Wash Equipment the Reason Your Customers Don’t Come Back?


car wash equipment

The car wash equipment you choose to use can be the difference between building long-term customer relationships and people never coming back to your car wash.

Here is how:

Price is not the only factor

As contributing editor for Inc. said in a recent article, all businesses should “Spend at least as much time finding ways to increase value as you do finding ways to lower costs and prices.”

History has proven this wisdom to be true. Samsung, for example, didn’t sell 80 million of its Galaxy S4 phones in 2013 because the tech industry giant has low prices.

People bought this product in such a high volume because they knew that they were getting a high quality product. If these people were considering price first, then they would have gotten themselves a $50 phone from the local Walmart, instead of spending nearly $700 on Samsung’s flagship device.

We aren’t suggesting that you start charging 13 times more than your competitors for a car wash, but the example above does highlight that the product itself is more important to the consumer than the price tag.

In your case, a car wash is the product.

The quality of the wash

People  expect that the results will look better than what they could’ve done with a hose and cheap convenience store soap. No matter how good your soap is, you still need great car wash equipment to give cars a dirt-free shine.

Only high pressure systems, for example, can break up all dirt on a car with certainty.

The amount of time it takes to complete a car wash

People don’t like to wait. In the case of a car wash, consumers know that there are alternative options, so if you develop a reputation among your customers for making people wait too long to get their cars washed, they will go elsewhere.

Your car wash equipment is huge for determining how fast you can deliver your services. Some car wash equipment, for example, can only wash 20 cars per hour.  Others can wash up to 150 cars per hour. On a busy day where everyone wants to get their car washed, yours can be the place to go if you choose the latter option.

As Harry Kierbow said in a recent blog post for the Small Biz Club organization “If you’re not providing value to your customers through your products and services, then any business will ultimately fail.” Make sure that car wash equipment keeps the quality of your services up to your customer’s standards.

Are you using the right car wash equipment?

Using the wrong car wash equipment can have devastating effects for your car wash business. Your customers might never come back, attracting new customers will be next to impossible, and your profitability will decrease. Therefore, if you want to keep current customers and easily attract new customers, you must invest in quality car wash equipment.

At MacNeil Wash Systems, we can help you choose the right car wash equipment, provide quality parts and service your equipment. If you already have a car wash and are looking to upgrade to better equipment, we can also help.

Contact us today, and let us help you set up a profitable car wash system.  We’ve done it for countless car wash entrepreneurs across North America.

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