How Going Green Can Save Your Car Wash Nearly $400,000 in 10 Years



Over the past two decades, taking care of the environment has become a high priority for people. It makes sense, as this is our only planet.

Car wash owners can do their share to save the environment. They take measures to reduce waste and energy consumption.  It saves them money. Read on to learn how becoming a green car wash can save you nearly $400,000 in a decade.

Going Green from the Get-Go

Being “green” isn’t just a trend – it makes good business sense. Today’s consumers are more aware of the environmental impact of their choices. They want to be customers of companies that feel the same way.

What are some of the steps to becoming a green car wash? First, take a look at your building. Is it made of environmentally friendly materials? How many repairs will it need in five, ten, 15 years down the line? The sustainability of a structure is a significant measure of sustainability.

If you don’t have an existing structure for your car wash and are planning on building it from the ground up, use renewable design materials. They are better for the planet and will require less maintenance.

Energy Efficient Equipment and Recycling Water

Two other ways in which you can transform your business into a green car wash is to utilize energy efficient equipment and recycle water.

Energy efficient equipment includes light bulbs which don’t use much electricity and windows which are shaded or glazed to keep the building warm or cool. Toilets should flush automatically, and faucets should turn on automatically. The car wash equipment should be energy efficient – look for products which consume less energy or use less cleaning product to get the job done.

Recycling water is an excellent way to efficiently use a valuable resource. By using a water reclamation system, all of the water released during a car wash is recycled.

Gary Hirsh, president of the water reclamation solution provider New Wave Industries Ltd., estimates that with the average volume of 80,000 washes per year, with eight vehicles per thousand gallons of water and sewer combined and 70 gallons per vehicle with a water recovery rate of 71%, a car wash could save approximately $381,000 at the end of a ten year period.

According to Hirsh, preventive maintenance is quite low cost and low effort. It takes ten minutes every week to clean out the system’s strainer basket. MacNeil: Your Trusted Source for High Quality, Efficient and Affordable Car Wash Equipment

Are you a car wash operator seeking to update your current equipment, or are you considering opening a car wash? Contact MacNeil  today at 1-800-361-7797. We’ve been providing top-of-the-line car wash equipment to car wash owners for over 30 years.

MacNeil offers the option of smart nozzles and PowerLocks – these features are energy efficient, allowing you to pass along the cost savings to your customers. Our  in-bay express wash conversion reduces water and chemical consumption, as well.

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