Located off interstate 23 and 129, in Gainesville, GA, Xtreme Clean Auto Spa’s newest location is situated just miles from a flurry of suburban activity, shopping, and businesses. The steady growth and installment of a new location is a result of owner Brent Garrett’s targeted focus on quality service.

Online reviews for Xtreme Clean Auto Spa reveal a great deal about the value that Brent assigns to quality cleaning at his carwashes. In fact, patrons not only highlight affordable prices and packages, they also emphasize something you don’t usually hear about from customers—effectiveness of equipment and chemicals. Customers here tell a story about “great equipment and chemicals that produce a perfectly clean vehicle every time.”

Brent knows the carwash business well having previously owned a mini-tunnel before venturing into the express model. “I transitioned out of the self-service touch free business to an express tunnel and signifi cantly increased the number of processed vehicles,” he explains. His approach is simple but eff ective—invest in the highest-end equipment and chemicals you can fi nd and let the quality of those ingredients produce a superior service. This strategy has worked well so far as Xtreme Clean Auto Spa is thriving. The quiet, openly clean and bright tunnel off ers a comfortable customer experience. Also, quality is not cost dependent as customers boast of getting sparkling vehicles at any price point. “We are very pleased with the return on investment,” adds Brent. “When you’re on a diff erent level than your competitors with equipment and chemicals, you can off er lower prices because you can count on higher volume. It’s a win-win for us and the customers.”



One of the first things you’ll notice upon entry is that Xtreme is fully equipped with MacNeil everything. The 125ft tunnel holds two sets of SuperFlex WrapArounds, two top brushes, and an XR1000 conveyer. Also included are vacuums with forty-four drops. A testament to Brent’s faith in quality equipment is that his carwashes do not include a prepping area like you see at most of his competitors. “Except for bug removal, we don’t conduct any prepping at the beginning of the wash. If the equipment and chemicals are highly effective there’s no need for preparation. This also increases our volume by saving time on the front-end and allowing for more vehicles to come through,” explains Brent.

So, what are a couple of Brent’s favorite MacNeil pieces that do all this heavy lifting? “The top brushes make prepping unnecessary while the SuperFlex Wraps knuckles are so effective that there is essentially no need to fold in mirrors or cover wipers in most cases. Plus, the Wheel Boss is like no other piece of cleaning equipment. Nothing can compete with the job that it does on tires.”

When asked what advice he might have to those ambitious new comers to the carwash business, Brent is happy to oblige. “You have to trust your equipment and let it shine. I’ve washed thousands of cars and MacNeil has never let me down. I don’t have to worry about how expensive any of my customers’ vehicles are because I know that my equipment will not cause any damage. That’s peace of mind!”