What type of car wash is best?


There is no right answer to this, because different wash systems are better for different reasons. MacNeil offers two different types of car wash systems: the In-Bay Express Mini Tunnel, and the Express Wash Tunnel, and each of these can come in different configurations and sizes. The In-Bay Express Mini Tunnel is better suited for business owners with limited space, because 35′ is all it takes to build one of these profitable Mini Tunnels. Here are some benefits of the In-Bay Express Mini Tunnel:
– Easy conversion from a slow-moving in-bay automatic that requires only 35 feet
– Triple your throughput to as many as 50+ cars per hour
– Increase profits with wheel and tire add-ons
– Lower installation costs with shorter downtime and little or no site changes
– Reduce water and formula consumption

The Express Wash Tunnel really is the Mercedes of car wash systems. It is a larger investment, however it provides a variety of functions and services that will bring customers back for more! They can come in 4 different configurations: 85′, 100′, 120′, and 150′. These tunnel systems are better for people whose main business is car washing, whereas In-Bay Express Mini Tunnels are more ideal as secondary operations to convenience store owners, fleet rental agencies and car dealerships.

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