Can Your Would-Be Customers Find You?


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You’ve selected the right car wash equipment, you’ve slapped a fresh coat of paint on the building and you’ve put up signs. Now, all that remains is for customers to find your car wash. The dirty cars and trucks should come rolling in, right? They will, if their drivers know where your car wash is located. Here are some tips on how to make sure your potential customers find your car wash and use its services.


Although it’s a cliche, there’s definitely a reason that realtors say, “Location, location, location.” The site of your car wash matters.

If it’s not close enough to the road, it will be difficult for customers to exit and enter the facility. In addition, if customers can’t see your car wash from the road, chances are that they’ll have problems seeing your signage.

You also want to set up your car wash business in an area where there’s a demand for car washes. Not everyone has a driveway to wash their cars, and water restrictions mean they won’t be able to use their hoses to wash cars.


Aside from signage, another way to attract customers is to advertise. The idea of advertising might sound intimidating (and expensive), but it doesn’t have to be.

Chuck Lundberg, an independent car wash consultant, suggests teaming up with other local businesses to promote your car wash. One of his recommendations is to partner with a pizzeria. The pizzeria could attach coupons for your car wash to pizza boxes, so their customers feel as though they’ve gotten a reward for ordering out.

Online Advertising

Much like traditional advertising, online advertising doesn’t have to be expensive or intimidating. A good way get started is to set up a page on Facebook which promotes your business. Facebook has millions of users, so it’s a great place to advertise your car wash.

One thing that’s important to remember about online advertising, especially through social media, is that you have to keep doing it. Social media thrives because it creates the feeling of community and connection. If you ignore your customers on social media, they in turn will ignore you.

Invest in Efficient Car Wash Systems to Attract New Customers

Without the right car wash equipment, attracting new customers will be next to impossible. If you truly want your would be clients to find you, you should not only advertise your car wash business but also invest in modern car wash equipment. This is where Macneil Wash Systems can help.

With more than 30 years experience, we know what your car wash needs to be profitable. Learn more about our car wash systems or contact us for more information.


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