Watch: Our Favorite Car Wash Fail Videos


These things are funny when they happen to other people. It’s only funny when it happens to someone else’s car, or someone else’s car wash.

Click here to see the see some of our favorite car wash fail videos. In no particular order:

1. That’s Not How You Do it

We’re not exactly sure what’s the thought process here. Either this woman isn’t sure how to clean the interior of her car. Or, something simply awful happened inside. Either way, it’s funny.

2. Whoa Whoa Whoa!

I guess this customer was in a hurry. They decided to speed on through the car wash and do some serious damage to the equipment along the way.

3. Whoa Whoa Whoa, Part 2

This driver seemingly loses control of the vehicle and takes out the poor car wash’s equipment along the way. One poor bystander narrowly escapes the falling wreckage and grabs on to a fence in horror.

4. Just Cleaning the Backside

Instead of cleaning the back of the car, this customer leaves the hatch open to get the backseat cleaned. Again, this could be intentional.

5. Bad Timing

This customer decides to remove something from their windshield at the wrong time. They quickly end up losing the driver side door. We can only hope that wasn’t a parking ticket, making the whole thing even more aggravating.

6. That’s Not How You Do it, Part 2

No, seriously. What are these people doing to the interiors of their cars? These people are either unaware of the damage that high-pressure water can do to their interior upholstery and electronics, or they’ve thought about it and don’t care.

7. Reverse Rampage

This customer loses control while in reverse. In a very big way. You feel bad for them, as well as the two poor cars behind them who also took some very serious damage in this incident.

8. Getting Hosed

This is one of our favorites. Two men lose a battle two a hose-gone-wild. The high pressure leads to high comedy, as neither men can catch it.

9. A 1-2 Punch

Safe to say this customer loses their brakes or their mind. First, they high speed reverse their way into a brick barrier. They head forwards, pass a terrified car wash employee into the tunnel and slam into the back of a parked car.

10. That’s Not How You Do it, Part 3

That’s a hat trick. 3 videos of people doing a number on their cars. A new sub category among car wash fail videos, it seems.

Damaged equipment? Here’s what to do next

These things aren’t funny when they happen to your car wash equipment. If a car wash fail has damaged your equipment, we can help.

This is where Macneil Wash Systems can help. We know what your car wash needs to be profitable. Learn more about our car wash systems or contact us for more information.

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